SBC Media delivers special fantasy football insight for Sportito
Client Category Date
Sportito- Product Promotion 03-05/2017-

SBC Media was tasked with showcasing its football knowledge via B2C daily fantasy sports (DFS) startup site Sportito.

Armed with a non-restrictive brief of eight engaging blog posts per month, SBC journalists got to work on a series of well-planned entries, with topics ranging from individual players to competition strategies and outlines for the biggest contests on the network.

With a remit to upload directly to, SBC Media was also given creative license to produce titles such as Firmi-Yes or Firmi-No and Mamadou or Mamadon’t, with special insight into the fantasy football merits of Roberto Firmino and Mamadou Sakho, along with a Costa-Benefit analysis of Chelsea’s controversial striker.

Mixed in with these targeted posts around Sportito contests, SBC Media also further demonstrated its journalistic range by producing an analysis of 20 young Premier League players, based on their Twitter mentions.

Drawn up in conjunction with social media marketing agency Pilot Fish, Sportito subsequently gained exclusive data for its user base. Spurs playmaker Dele Alli topped the charts for February, while Twitter users in the United States just ousted their UK counterparts with a share of 24% of the Twitter mentions.

SBC Media hit the 24-post target with more than a week to spare via an article on Jose Mourinho’s quest for European reprieve in Stockholm, which included the successful promotion of Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s cup final prospects. The Armenian went on to score the second goal to cap a successful season for United and a fruitful partnership for Sportito.